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Friday, December 22, 2017

Hamilton 1st UUC, 170 Dundurn St. South, Hamilton January 14, 2018 

Service Leader: Mary Ellen Scanlon 
Speakers: Pat Trudeau, Wilburn Hayden and Donovan Hayden

Celebrating the Life of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Words and Song 
Martin Luther King’s inspiring words and actions remind Unitarians everywhere to work for racial, economic, and international justice. We remember MLK’s words as we stake our claim in opposing racial inequality and racial oppression in Canada. We sing in honour of the civil rights movement lead by King. 

Joining Pat Trudeau, Hamilton 1st Intern Minister are York University Social Work Professor, Dr. Wilburn Hayden, and Donovan Hayden, third year undergraduate student at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Upstate New York. The two Haydens have written a chapter on Canadian slavery for an upcoming University of Toronto Press book. 

Pat Trudeau is serving at Hamilton 1st as Intern Minister.  She is a seminary student at Emmanuel College in Toronto and UU Candidate for Ministry.  Pat enjoyed previous careers in social work, academia, and children’s religious education before hearing the call to ministry.  She and her family have been active in Neighborhood UUC in Toronto.   Pat has a wealth of skills and interests in pastoral care, social justice (particularly focused on her work in diversity and building skills as a white ally), teaching, and dance.

Wilburn Hayden has been a university professor and social worker since 1973. He teaches and writes from critical race and anti-oppression perspectives. Growing up in the segregated south, he knows of the racial injustice struggle in the USA and Canada first hand. His practice experiences include being the chief social worker in a state prison, organizing within
disadvantaged communities, directing a human services agency, and involvement in political campaigns in North America. His teaching has taken him to South Africa, Kurdistan (Iraq), Nigeria and Guyana. He is the author of a book on Black Appalachia and is currently researching the lives of blacks in Canada (from the past to the present). 
Donovan Hayden is the son of Wilburn and Pat. He is a third year student at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY, double majoring in Africana Studies and Sociology. In February 2018, he heads off to South Africa for the winter semester at Rhodes University.  YOUTH PERSPECTIVES | RACE IN THE TRUMP ERA: COMING TO GRIPS WITH CANADA’S OWN RACIAL PAST AND PRESENT” for The Exchange by YouthREX 
For the past two summers he worked with YouthREX as an intern, and posted a blog in November:
http://exchange.youthrex.com/blog/youth-perspectives-race-trump-era-coming-grips-canada%E2%80%99s-own-racial-past-and-present. The ideas were excerpted from his talk “Upholding Our Second Principle: The Myth of Canadian Multiculturalism” at NUUC (Neighbourhood Congregation) in summer 2017 and were recently brought to the attention of the CUC Board. 

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